Powerstar MAX: Electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation offering additional security benefits

Powerstar MAX is an electronic-dynamic or 'variable' voltage optimisation solution for commercial and industrial settings. Rather than reducing voltage by a predetermined, fixed amount - as common with most voltage optimisation solutions - Powerstar MAX utilises intelligent, electronic controls to automatically adjust and maintain a stable voltage profile, thus affording additional saving opportunities and increased security.

Powerstar MAX: Electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation offering additional security benefits

In the UK, on average, voltage is supplied to a building at 242V; however, the ideal operating voltage for most electrical equipment is 220V. This over supply of voltage leads to excessive amounts of electricity consumption, added wear and tear to on-site electrical equipment, high levels of carbon emissions and increased electricity costs.

In addition to high levels of incoming voltage, in some situations the profile and characteristics of the incoming load can be volatile with companies experiencing variations of as much as 30V per day. Likewise, businesses that operate critical electrical equipment may benefit from the additional security and reassurance that they will always have a stable voltage profile, therefore significantly reducing the risk of any disruption to their equipment.

Powerstar MAX is ideal for companies who operate through a LV supply, suffer from high levels of incoming voltage, experience fluctuations in their incoming voltage profile or have high levels of night loads when electricity is still consumed by their site as other users start to reduce their demand.

Through installing a Powerstar MAX voltage optimisation system, companies can achieve average savings of 10% on annual electricity consumption and benefit from typical return on investment of 2-3 years, supported by up to 15 years warranty in the UK and a 100% savings guarantee.

In addition, businesses will benefit from an improvement in power quality with reductions in harmonic distortions, improvements in power factor and longevity on electrical appliances.

The Powerstar MAX system is underpinned by an acclaimed ‘concept to completion’ approach which has been adopted by the Powerstar team for over 15 years, and is formed on the basis of an engineering, solutions-led philosophy. The Powerstar team offer full analysis and monitoring of sites electrical supply and suggest a bespoke, tailored solution engineered specifically for the facility, therefore generating maximum efficiencies and savings.

For more information on Powerstar MAX voltage optimisation technology visit the Powerstar website.

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