Powerstar SO-LO: A super low loss smart distribution transformer

Powerstar SO-LO is a super low loss amorphous core, smart distribution transformer with remote monitoring capabilities. Powerstar SO-LO meets EU Ecodesign Directive standards and provides a cost-effective way of reducing your energy consumption by upgrading your HV infrastructure.

Powerstar SO-LO: A super low loss smart distribution transformer

Why Amorphous?

Powerstar SO-LO’s amorphous core provides an advantage over traditional CRGO transformers. Amorphous alloy is a well-established material that has been widely studied and tested across a variety of applications.

Findings show that amorphous core transformers provide a super low core loss alternative to conventional transformers whilst providing higher efficiencies, longevity, and low magnetising current. Its flexible atom structure allows for easy magnetisation and demagnetisation to take place, which delivers improved efficiencies, reduces the amount of wasted energy, and therefore minimises electricity costs and CO2 emissions. The benefits of an amorphous core transformer over a traditional CRGO transformer include:

·        Up to 75% lower core loss than CRGO transformers

·        Delivers greater consumptions savings, on average, compared to traditional CRGO transformers

·        Contributes towards CSR by reducing CO2 emissions

·        Simple non-invasive energy efficiency system

·        Gain instant energy consumption savings

·        Remote monitoring allows for greater visibility of transformer operations

·        Reduce operating costs

·        An expected lifespan of up to 50 years

A smart approach to transformers

Additionally, Powerstar SO-LO is part of a new generation of smart transformers which have brought distribution transformers into the modern age of connectivity because they are Industry 4.0 ready. The remote monitoring capabilities of Powerstar SO-LO can provide detailed information and reports on factors such as oil analysis, voltage, amps, phase to phase metrics, real power, and power factor. The remote monitoring platform can be accessed securely from anywhere with an internet connection and also sends alerts via email and text message when specific factors are approaching pre-set limits.

Furthermore, Powerstar SO-LO’s remote monitoring capabilities allow it to be integrated with other smart energy saving technology such as voltage optimisation and energy storage. This means that energy managers can utilise the connectivity between different energy assets to identify future optimisations and maximise energy efficiency through the implementation of a complete energy management system.

The advantages of Powerstar SO-LO

Powerstar SO-LO is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest recognised international standards, and includes the following features:

·        36 month guarantee*

·        Simple upgrade to HV infrastructure that can provide energy and cost savings

·        Only amorphous core transformer manufactured in the UK

·        Dedicated customer service 24/7, 365 days a year

·        Experienced UK manufacturer of quality amorphous core transformers

·        Variety of fittings and applications to suit every site

·        Remote monitoring capabilities for enhanced visibility of asset performance

For more information on Powerstar SO-LO, visit the transformer-specific Powerstar website, Powerstar TX. Alternatively, contact Powerstar on 01142 576 200 to discuss your requirements with an expert member of the team.

*Guarantee applies to systems installed within the UK. Guarantee will be voided if yearly maintenance performance inspections are not undertaken. Other terms and conditions may apply.

N.B. The information contained in this entry is provided by the above supplier, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher