I would encourage anyone in a position of influence or authority to do this programme

Alumni of the Ashridge MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility

I would encourage anyone in a position of influence or authority to do this programme

Niraj Saraf,
Lead Technologist for Urban living,
Innovate UK

It was a very powerful experience 

We were a mature group of senior professionals from across the globe. The connecting factor was that we had all looked at the world and thought, "this isn't working". 

I wanted to expand my global consultancy work into social change. Ashridge's experiential methods improve your ability to inspire others to create change. 

Some people think that sustainability is only about environmental issues, but it's really so much more! The programme explores what sustainability is, why it's so important and the challenges surrounding it. 

I would describe the pedagogical approach as 'radical' 

Elsewhere you might get some of the content, but you won't find the same personal depth. There are no exams. It's not about testing your knowledge - what it does is hone your ability to enquire, be curious and work with others to change things. 

The experiential elements of the programme made it a deep and rich experience. They were real eye-openers. For example, we did a theatre workshop which was empowering, helped generate critical understanding, and made a powerful contribution to my transformative journey. This is vital for getting to a sustainable world. 

I have found the action research invaluable. It's a practice that few people know about and is proving to be very useful in my new role. 

Ashridge is a brilliant learning environment 

It is well connected and yet feels a million miles away, so you can take time out and reflect. This supports the learning experience perfectly. 

The tutors created an incredible atmosphere of trust, which helped us deal with the uncomfortable truths we were presented with. 

Studying in the evenings after work is hard. Life is busy. But unless you put in the work, you don't get the benefits. I can really see the value. 

I started a new job during the programme 

In my new role, the knowledge and tools are helping me engage with stakeholders on issues of complexity and systems thinking. The Ashridge programme considerably deepened my understanding of these areas. 

A key take-out was that the only way to bring about the radical change needed for true sustainability is by building meaningful and purposeful relationships with people. 

Unless we start thinking more deeply about how we connect with others, and our role in the nature, we are doomed. Anyone in a position of influence or authority, or anyone concerned about the state of the world should do this programme. 

About Ashridge and the MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility 
Established in 1959, Ashridge is a leading business school for working professionals with an international reputation for leadership development. It is in the 1% of business schools globally accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB; the UK, European and American accreditation bodies. Each year it works with over 6,000 managers from 850 organisations in 60 countries. 

Working initially with Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop International, then at the University of Bath, the Ashridge faculty developed a radically new form of business education, placing the perspectives and methods of self-awareness and action inquiry at the heart of developing leaders for a sustainable future. Much of what is becoming mainstream in corporate sustainability and sustainable leadership development today was foreshadowed in that work - from mindful awareness to conscious capitalism, social enterprise to systems innovation, eco-literacy to collaborative dialogue, these themes have threads of their development in the work of the Bath and Ashridge programmes. 

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