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Odour Control Systems for Sewage and Wastewater Treatment FacilitiesAAC Eurovent design and manufacture odour control systems for sewage treatment and wastewater facilities.
Electrostatic Precipitators for High-Performance Grease Reduction and Smoke Control Commercial Kitchen Extraction SystemsThe AAC ESP Electrostatic Precipitator offers an effective smoke control and grease reduction solution for commercial kitchen extraction systems.
Carbon Filters for Commercial Kitchen Extraction SystemsAAC Eurovent design, manufacture and supply high performance carbon filters and carbon filter housings for commercial kitchen extraction systems.
Odour Control Systems for Commercial Kitchen ExtractionAAC Eurovent uses the latest carbon filter technology to deliver market-leading commercial kitchen odour control systems. The AAC PR range of refillable carbon filters is the ideal choice for the busiest of commercial kitchens, where a high-performance and reliable odour control system is essen
NOx (NO and NO2) Filter Systems for Effective Indoor Air Pollution ControlAir pollution arising from NOx - Nitric Oxides (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) - in our densely populated cities is the focus of considerable media attention. With an increasing number of UK Local Authorities declaring Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs), the quality of the air should be of concern
The Planet Mark Green Events Calendar 2020Have you started planning your sustainability engagement programme for 2020 yet? The Planet Mark 2019 Green & Sustainability Events Calendar is a handy tool to check out what's coming up
Collaboration Cloud (iCIM and iPIM)Bring your ICL project to life through data visualisation across a community or portfolio.
intelligent Virtual Network (iVN)Integrated Energy Network Design & Analysis Tool - Benchmark energy and resource use for new and existing developments to predict and optimise operational performance.

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