When it comes to energy and the environment, data management is a fundamental factor in the achievement of optimal performance.


However, the amount of information critical for the effective analysis and control of supply costs, energy consumption and environmental compliance processes is vast.

Schneider Electric delivers a comprehensive data cleansing, management and maintenance service, which offers you the ability to access and interrogate all of your energy information online in a way that is tailored to your organisation and your needs.

Enterprise Information

The secret of state-of-the-art energy and environmental performance is data management. Yet the amount of information involved is huge. We provide a comprehensive data service, allowing clients to access energy information easily and quickly.

Environmental Services

With the ever-increasing emphasis on the green and sustainability agenda comes greater demands from both governments and customers. The need to report on improved environmental performance is balanced against the risk of penalties, increased taxes or even worse, loss of revenue. While Schneider Electric supports all aspects of reporting and compliance, we go further, supporting the drive to identify and implement environmental efficiency and improvement projects.

Intelligence Services

Competitive advantage for any part of an organisation is based on information. Energy is no exception. Schneider Electric provides comprehensive reports on most global energy markets, allowing clients to choose regular standard news reports or to benefit from a more bespoke approach . As such, we can provide intelligence tailored to your requirements, as well as price forecasts for locations where competitors may have facilities.

Assurance Services

Regulations covering mandatory building audits, building certification schemes and environmental accreditation vary from country to country. Administrative obligations can be irregular and volatile, placing an extreme burden on your resources. Schneider Electric provides flexible solutions to manage all of our clients' obligations, ensuring compliant, accurate and structured record keeping and support during auditing processes.

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