The price paid for mains electricity is increasingly dependent upon the supply capacity available during times of peak demand.


Peak demand is typically between 17:00 and 19:00 hours Monday to Friday, as the UK's capacity to generate, transmit and distribute electricity competes with the growing demands of industry, commerce, transportation, street lighting and domestic use.

Power generators, grid operators and distribution companies all incorporate charges into their pricing structures that penalise peak time usage and incentivise peak demand reduction.

Major energy users are therefore guaranteed to benefit from undertaking a Schneider Electric Demand Side Management Programme that can include a combination of the following products;

Demand Side Management

The price paid for mains electricity is increasingly dependent upon the supply capacity available during times of peak demand.

Investment Appraisal

It is said that the cheapest energy is the energy that isn't used, but the secret to reducing consumption is investing in the correct projects at the correct time. All too often, organisations focus on the wrong projects or have unrealistic reduction targets given the projects available. Schneider Electric provides a comprehensive process for valuing projects, constantly adjusting our valuations as the markets change. This ensures that resources and capital are effectively focused and consistent with the corporate objective.

Efficiency Services

Energy efficiency is more than a commercial activity, a corporate agenda or a social responsibility. It is a state of mind. Schneider Electric can support the root and branch change needed, helping shape and direct organisational culture, from auditing the sustainability of operations and providing comprehensive staff training in the vital areas of your organisation, to providing the project management expertise key to increasing efficiency at every available opportunity.

Project Services

Once a project has been identified and appraised, it is easy to lose momentum as the commercial plan is transformed into an engineering reality. Schneider Electric can take a project from concept to implementation: project managing contractors, managing new connections, adding automatic meter-reading and, finally, measuring the performance of the asset, all of which ensures that results match your expectations.

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