Enduramaxx Rainwater Tanks

The Enduramaxx Rainwater tanks are manufactured for uses throughout the agricultural, commercial, domestic, horticultural & industrial markets. Enduramaxx Rainwater tanks are designed for storage of rainwater and when installed with a leaf filter enable the leaves and moss to be filtered before the water enters the tank.

Enduramaxx Rainwater Tanks

Capacities available: 150 liters, 300 liters, 500 liters, 720 liters, 1250 liters, 2500 liters, 4000 liters, 5000 liters, 5500 liters, 6000 liters, 7000 liters, 8500 liters, 10000 liters, 12500 liters, 15000 Liters, 16800 liters, 20800 liters & 25000 liters.

Features and benefits of the Enduramaxx WRAS Approved Potable Water Tanks

  • UK Manufacture in high quality polyethylene
  • Moulded lugs in the roof of the tank enable easy lifting and can be used as tie down points
  • Ribbed design provides added strength and attractive appearance
  • Enduramaxx tanks do not rust or corrode, are impact resistant and long lasting
  • Low maintenance and will never rust
  • One-piece tank construction ensures long term structural strength
  • Range of outlets and filters available upon request

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For more information - http://www.enduramaxx.co.uk/products/water-tanks/vertical-rainwater-tanks/

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