Open top bunded tanks


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Carbon Filter ServicesAt AAC Eurovent, we offer a comprehensive carbon filter media replacement and disposal service. Our services are suitable for dry chemical scrubbing filter units across the industrial and commercial marketplace.
Enterprise SubscriptionUnlock Rio's full potential. Get enterprise-ready data management, reporting, and governance plus custom implementation options.
Team SubscriptionEverything you need to become a more sustainable business with the power of AI. Perfect for small and midsize businesses or sustainability teams.
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Activated Carbon for Wastewater Odour ControlAt AAC Eurovent, we hold extensive stocks of high-performance granular (GAC), extruded, pelletised, specialist impregnated, and acid-washed activated carbon for wastewater odour control applications.
Bulk Filters for Wastewater Holding Tanks with Low to Medium Flow-ratesThe AAC BFV Bulk Filter is a high-performance VOC removal and odour control system designed for wastewater holding tanks. This competitively priced carbon filter is suitable for applications with low to medium volume flowrates and high odour and VOC component ranging from 0.5 m3/s up to 2.5 m3/s per
Passive Vent Solutions for Wastewater Odour Control and VOC AbatementThe AAC PV Passive Vent is a range of high-performance carbon filters designed to adsorb vent gases from wastewater treatment systems on a passive basis.
High-Efficiency Drum Filters for the Removal of Organic and Inorganic Odour in Wastewater Treatment SystemsThe AAC DFV Drum Filter is a refillable carbon filter designed to efficiently remove organic and inorganic odours, such as formaldehyde, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide from the air or gas streams in wastewater treatment systems.

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