Sump Tanks for Liquid Transport

Our sump tanks are designed for liquid transport and static storage. From 100 to 8000 liters, there is 13 sizes to suite your requirements. These utilise a cost-efficient design in turn simplifying installation and saving you money. The sump tanks are manufactured from UV stabilized polyethylene. This means that you get a heavy duty tank without the weight penalty. The horizontal tanks have molded legs with the unique pin mounting system. This enables the horizontal tanks to conveniently mount on flat surfaces without additional support.

Sump Tanks for Liquid Transport

Enduramaxx sump tanks are designed to provide the greatest capacity with a low centre of gravity. This makes is them one of the best designs available for transporting larger volumes. Primarily used for transport applications, Enduramaxx horizontal tanks feature molded-in “part baffles”. This designed reduces sloshing and provides increased stability during transport. Custom fabricated mounting frames are available for bowser applications.

Capacities available: 500 liters, 700 liters, 1200 liters, 1500 liters, 2000 liters, 3000 liters, 4000 liters, 5000 liters, 6000 liters, 8000 liters, 10000 liters and 13000 litres.

These sump tanks are widely known as full drain tanks and require a mounting frame for protecting the sump. These used throughout agriculture as bowsers, water tanks for sprayers and livestock and liquid fertiliser. The 500 litre to 3000 litre sizes are used by many of the UK leading trailer hire and dust suppression manufactures. If you are a trailer manufacture please contact us on 0800 840 4030 for more information.

There are great advantages of the horizontal sump tanks as well as the full drain capability and being suitable for liquids to density 1.7kg/Litre SG.

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