Perfect Manhole System

Watertight manhole systems are meeting the needs of the market for health and safety, quality, construction speed and water tightness. Stanton Bonna have introduced the Perfect Manhole System as an effective, efficient watertight system.

Perfect Manhole System

The Stanton Bonna Perfect Manhole System is a precast off-site solution which enables contractors to install a modular watertight manhole without the need for a concrete surround.

Specifiers, designers and contractors can be assured that the Stanton Bonna Perfect Manhole System offers a safer, faster, sustainable, off-site bespoke manhole solution.

The unique system comprises a monolithic precast concrete base prebenched to any inlet / outlet configuration together with thick walled chamber rings with water tight joints incorporating an elastomeric gasket and a sealed cover slab. The system also incorporates push fit elastometric seals for inlet
and outlet pipes.

Watch a video of a Watertight Manhole system installation >

Main Benefits
Safer Installation
• Reduced work in open excavation.
• Eliminates work in confined spaces.
• Eliminates difficult wet trades work.
• Safer construction.
• Safe lifting equipment.

Flexible Design
• Bespoke base design.
• Inlet and outlet seals connect securely to all common DN 150 - 600 pipes.
• Seals available in SBR and nitrile to BS EN 681-1.
• Adaptors not usually required.
• Wide range of inlet and outlet configurations.

Faster Construction
• Rapid installation in minutes.
• Inlet and outlet connection invert levels pre-set.
• No on-site finishing required.
• No lifting holes to fill.
• No jointing strip required.
• No concrete surround.
• Continuous pipe laying.
• Short notice availability.
• Take off service available.
• Complete watertight solution in one unit.

High Quality
• Watertight system – base, rings and slabs.
• Kitemarked products.
• Quality controlled factory made.
• High quality benching surface finish.
• Subject to manhole configuration the benching complies with Sewers for Adoption.
• Precise connection positions and channel gradients.
• Monolithic base.
• Flexible connection reduces settlement risk.
• Perfect hydraulics.
• 30 to 43% lower carbon footprint than traditional, box based and plastic manholes.

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