Renewable electricity

Our 100% renewable electricity products are backed by origin certificates, and we provide an annual energy label to show the source and carbon emissions of your supply

Renewable electricity

Many large businesses are choosing to be powered by renewable sources but with the market so complex, it can be difficult to know what you're getting.

Carbon reporting is now expected from large organisations and the environmental standards demanded by your customers and stakeholders are only increasing, so you need a knowledgeable supplier to provide complete transparency over your renewable electricity.

We are the partner of choice for sustainability-focused organisations. As well as guaranteed 100% renewable electricity backed by origin certificates, we provide an annual energy label to show the source and carbon emissions of your supply. Our customers can choose to report zero scope 2 carbon emissions on their sustainability reporting.

Our renewable options

You can choose the renewable electricity supply product to suit your sustainability strategy:

Renewable Standard - certificate-backed 100% renewable electricity from a blend of generation sources, with an energy label and product fuel mix

Natural Renewable - certificate-backed 100% renewable electricity generated by just the wind, sun or water, with an energy label and product fuel mix

Specific Renewable - a bespoke product which allows you to choose your preferred source of renewable generation, backed by the relevant origin certificates

We purchase and match an amount of Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed by our customers on each renewable product. One REGO represents one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity from renewable sources and is the certificate that carries the carbon attributes of the electricity.

Carbon Trust certification

Our renewable products are the first in the UK to be developed with support from global sustainability leader the Carbon Trust.

The Emissions Factor Model which underpins these products has been certified by the Carbon Trust according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard.

The model enables us to allocate origin certificates to our products without double-counting, which gives our customers increased confidence in the credentials of their renewable electricity.

Watch our short video to learn more about our renewable products and work with the Carbon Trust. 

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*This model has been certified by the Carbon Trust to be compliant with the GHG Product Standard Protocol. Model outputs do not constitute a certified product footprint.

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