Large One Piece Water Tanks

As with all our one piece water tanks, all external bracing and support is encapsulated within the GRP laminate to prevent corrosion. This gives a hygienic and easy to clean interior.

Large One Piece Water Tanks

Precolor 'EXELL' large rigid one piece water tanks of up to 21475 gallons (97,500 litres) are used extensively in the building & construction of schools, hospitals and many other types of buildings.

These large one piece water tanks are specifically designed as an superior alternative to sectional tanks where access is not restricted. The tanks are usually placed in position prior to building completion or for use externally where there are no restrictions present.

The main benefits being as follows: -

•No expensive installation costs

•No joints or sealant

•No bolts or steelwork in contact with the water.

•Low future maintenance costs

•The 'EXELL' range of water tanks are generally more cost effective

This makes the Precolor 'EXELL' water tank range a very cost effective, fully WRAS Approved, superior alternative to the conventional sectional tanks.

Tanks can be supplied plain or pre-insulated in various thicknesses.

They are supplied complete with bolted and sealed lids to comply with current water regulations. Apex lids can be manufactured for tanks to be situated externally.

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