Energy/ Heat Meters for Social Housing Tenants

LanTen`s HeatPlus Energy/Heat Meters help Social Housing Tenants to manage their utility bills by delivering accurate, real time information about their energy usage. HeatPlus provides Tenants with accurate information relating to their energy usage using a simple, easy-to-understand touch screen display fitted within their home.

Energy/ Heat Meters for Social Housing Tenants

HeatPlus   is designed to act as data collector, smart payment device and home energy manager. Our Energy Heat Meters offer a range of payment options, and can accommodate both monthly billing as well as pay-as-you-go modes.

Payment methods include:

>PayPoint (national network)
>Direct Debit
>Card payment via Customer Services
>Card payment online

Our Friendly Credit facility ensures that during any out of hours` period, including Bank holidays and weekends, all services will remain live even with a depleted account.

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