LanTen`S Energy Metering Technology reduces Landlord Debt Exposure

LanTen`s HeatPlus Energy Metering solution prevents debt from occurring by operating in a PAYG manner which isolates the heat/energy when someone has no credit. HeatPlus not only prevents new debt from occurring, but can also reclaim any old debt through our Active Debt Recovery solution that allows residents to pay a % of their top up to their historic debt account.

LanTen`S Energy Metering Technology reduces Landlord Debt Exposure

HeatPlus completely eradicates the use of old coin or key meters and is a Smart Meter solution that gives residents key information on their colour touchscreen display. The system offers a wide variety of payment options to suit the lifestyles of our residents including:  UK PayPoint terminals, LanTen online portal, Telephone and Direct Debit.

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