Settlement Tanks

We supply Settlement Tanks with either an integrated concrete coping top or bolt on unit which supports the travel of either a full or half bridge scraper. Tank sizes range from 4.0m diameter to greater than 50.0m, designed to allow backfilling, enabling access to M&E equipment such as scraper bridge, motor and travelling wheels.

Settlement Tanks

  • Integrated coping panel design for support of full or half bridge scraper.
  • Design and Constructed to BS8110 and BS8007.
  • Compliant to all relevant Euro Codes.
  • Structures can be backfilled to allow easy access to M & E equipment, such as scraper wheels and motors.

Incorporating the patented EPDM jointing seals the post tensioned settlement tanks can be designed to accommodate pipe work entries through the precast wall panels.

If required Halfen slot can be cast into the internal concrete panel face during precast manufacture to allow the post fixing on site of GRP or Stainless Steel launder chanel and scum boxes.

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