Chemical PPE Personal Safety Kit

Our Direct Personal Safety kits for Chemicals are yellow in colour and are suitable for use with Aqueous Chemicals.


Coveralls: Disposable chemical suit, elasticated hood, writs and ankles, size L

  • Tyvek PROTEK C, Microchem 3000 or equivalent
  • Approved to at least CEN Liquid Chemical Protection type 3 (liquid tight connections, jet-spray test) aqueous chemicals (e.g
  • inorganic acids and bases) only
  • May not offer adequate protection against oil and organic solvents
  • Further info available on request.
  • Overshoes: Polyethylene film or fabric; no applicable CE approval categories but similar construction and performance to coveralls
  • Goggles: Indirect vent type; approved to EN 166 to at least types B (medium energy particles) & 3 (liquid splashes).Gloves: Flock-lined nitrile; size L or XL (9-10); approved to EN374 chemical permeation tests (further info available on request) also EN388, minimum performance levels 2 (abrasion), 0 (blade cut resistance), 0 (tear resistance), 1 (puncture resistance)

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