Shipping Spill Kits

We offer Shipping Spill Kits in 2 sizes and 1 bespoke to suit your business requirements

Shipping Spill Kits

Our Shipping Spill Kits are:

  • A polypropylene based, general purpose range of products formulated to contain and absorb fuel, lubricating and process oils as well as hydrocarbons, oil based paints and most solvents
  • For use on board ship's, this kit functions as a primary component of the ship's oil spill contingency plan
  • Identifiable sources of leakage or spillage can be permanently protected, large spills or leaks prevented from running overboard and small to medium spillages contained and absorbed entirely from the vessel's own resources, preventing environmental damage as well as ensuring safer working conditions for crew members
  • Suitable for long term on board storage

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