Spill Response Training

Oil or chemical spill containment training. For staff at all levels who may have to deal with a spill.

Spill Response Training

Introductions (in the classroom-approximately 10 minutes).

Session 1 (in the classroom-approximately 50 minutes)
-The consequences of pollution
-Legislation and penalties
-The Environment Agency (including video "Spill Control & Pollution Prevention")
-Preparing for a spill
-Dealing with a spill
-Health and safety
-Duty of Care

Session 2 (outside-approximately 60 minutes)
-Demonstration of products, their make up and use.

Session 3 (outside-15-45 minutes, depending on number of delegates)
-Practical exercise-teams of 4-6 delegates deal with a spill).
Debrief (normally in the classroom-5 minutes)

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