Household Waste - Saved from Landfill

CeDo, Europe's leader in second-life disposable products, has launched a black bin liner that is now part-manufactured from the previously unrecyclable part of the British household waste stream.

Trade marked Household Waste - Saved from Landfill the new bag - a first for waste management and retail - is being shown to the UK waste management industry at the Recycling and Waste Management exhibition, NEC, Birmingham Tuesday September 10th.

CeDo's new product is a Made In Britain success story and also a worldwide first for the plastics film recycling and waste management industries. The new bin liner is currently 30% composed of UK plastics film domestic recyclate. CeDo aims to build that percentage share to 90% within two years.

Some five years in the making CeDo believes that its new black bag is a much needed 'game changer' for the retail and waste management industries. Most UK recycled bin liners today currently collect industrial or farm films as the primary feedstock, which then typically needs to be washed, shredded, melted and repelletised before being remade into black refuse sacks.

CeDo is now the first company to use mixed plastics film waste from UK domestic households - previously regarded as unrecyclable and landfilled - as the feedstock for its new product. The company regards this breakthrough as its contribution to true recycling and to creating a true UK closed loop solution.

As part of its manufacturing of Household Waste - Saved from Landfill CeDo has invested in proprietary 'dry cycling' technology in order to separate and recycle this most difficult fraction of the household waste stream. This means that no water at all is used in the process - contributing greatly to the large reduction in the carbon footprint for the bag.

CeDo's discussions with retailers and with waste management companies have also highlighted a wide range of benefits that can now flow from this plastics recycling breakthrough.

Retailers, for example, can now look forward to a vastly increased level of feedstock and future sustainability for these disposable products. Not only is this new UK household waste stream now relieved of going to UK landfill, this new feedstock is also eleven times greater than the existing markets for plastics recyclate (industrial and agriculture) and sixty times as untapped as a resource. CeDo customers will therefore have access to a new feedstock that is more widely available - and at lower cost.

CeDo's bag is designed, sourced and manufactured in the UK. This brings considerable benefits to customers and to the supply chain.
CeDo is intent on taking pole position in supporting and driving:

-The British recycling industry; further enhancing the industry and infrastructure and bringing a new Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR) stream into play in Britain.

-British jobs and investment and generally furthering British objectives and achievements in Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)

-Local recycling initiatives and closed loop thinking and practices.

-Safeguarding against import penetration and building up Britain's environmental strength generally

The combination of feedstock, infrastructure and technology factors also means that CeDo's black bag now has the lowest carbon footprint of its kind, available today. Ultra low-energy production and performance at CeDo's Telford manufacturing plant and twenty years experience in recycling for the own-label retail market has helped ensure that the new bag offers the lowest possible environmental impact.

Every Household Waste - Saved from Landfill bag incorporates high quality and natural minerals (such as chalk) to enhance the performance of the product. Each bag also avoids the fresh consumption of carbon, water and fossil-based resources. The new bag also uses 74% less energy than the current industry standard. CeDo's UK-centric supply chain also ensures minimal physical movement through the closed loop life cycle, thus saving on transport and fuel emissions.

Seven years ago CeDo was the first company the first to achieve EN 13543 traceable systems for recycling farm film sileage wrap into household products.

And now that CeDo has advanced the manufacturing and recycling process further, the new Household Waste - Saved from Landfill range will also be established for fully traceable and quality assured systems.

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