Integrated Bio-Energy Solutions

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Integrated Bio-Energy Solutions

Clearfleau’s on-site bio-energy solutions are helping British food and beverage companies to embrace the circular economy by converting their unwanted process residues into valuable renewable energy, cleansed water and residual solids (bio-nutrients).  
On-site AD can help address concerns about industry’s environmental impact and resource efficiency. Clearfleau’s robust on-site liquid digestion process has a number of key features: 
Modular design on confined footprint Handles fatty and high solid residues  More biogas than other high-rate AD Based on effective mixing of digester Easy to operate and integrate on site 
Industrial AD will generate baseload energy (at the point of use) from production residues. There are a number of examples of such plants in the UK (including Clearfleau plants) but these tend to be on the sites of multinationals (Nestle, Unilever, Diageo).  We are developing solutions for smaller SME businesses, with external funding solutions available for on-site plants, based on ready access to feedstocks and an attractive return on investment.
Corporate expectations are changing now global food industry leaders are backing a more sustainable approach to food and beverage production.  After the Paris Climate Change Summit, CEO’s of leading companies including Unilever and Nestle stated:
"We want the facilities where we make our products to be powered by renewable energy with nothing going to waste.”
 Proven benefits of deploying on-site digestion in the food sector include reduced energy costs and carbon emissions and lower effluent disposal and treatment costs.  
The UK is taking the lead in Europe developing on-site bio-energy solutions.  Factory sites can add value to effluent and residues.   AD has a lower carbon footprint compared to other disposal systems, will contribute to decarbonising our food production and is a critical part of the circular economy by providing a source of clean, green energy.  

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