On-site Anaerobic Digestion

Gas from Cheese in Cumbria

On-site Anaerobic Digestion

Clearfleau’s innovative on-site bio-energy plants are enabling food and beverage processors to become more sustainable. As disposal of processing residues becomes more of a burden our cost-effective technology produces valuable renewable energy from unwanted process residues and washwaters. 
With growing interest in reducing the food industry’s wider environmental impact and overall resource efficiency, more businesses are addressing concerns about: 
Disposal costs for production residuesRising energy costs or carbon emissionsMaking your production more sustainableAdding value to your process by-products Energy efficiency and increased sustainability. 
Using on-site anaerobic digestion (AD) to generate renewable energy could be the solution. AD uses biological action to convert bio-degradable material into energy, in a process where micro-organisms that thrive without oxygen convert bio-degradable processing residues into valuable biogas.  Clearfleau’s cost-effective on-site digestion liquid system operates with an extended bio-solids retention time, on a confined footprint, to optimise biogas output.
Clearfleau’s on-site AD plants convert your liquid and solid production residues into valuable renewable energy.  The biogas can be used to generate renewable energy (heat and power) from bio-degradable process residues. Food and beverage industry sites have the chance to create renewable energy from their bio-degradable feedstocks.  If you face rising energy and disposal costs, on-site digestion could make your site more efficient and more sustainable.  
Our proven approach can offer an attractive ROI – generally under 5 years.  As the UK’s market leader for on-site industrial digestion, we are helping a range of food and beverage  manufacturers to become more sustainable by adding value to their un-wanted materials.
As a British Company, based in Bracknell Berkshire, we working for a range of clients across the UK (and looking to expand into other EU markets) delivering innovative, practical on-site bio-energy solutions that cut costs and generate revenue.  

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