Air-Water Treatments Diox Spray Systems

Is an additive that chemically eliminates malodours from a wide range of substrates and:


Destroys odours before they are released into the atmosphere
Does not inhabit further biological treatments
Quick, low cost installation
Emergency trail treatment systems available
Already used and approved by major Water Companies

Working in the Liquid Phase
Fully Automated
Enclosed Systems
Biological and Chemical Solutions
100% Effective
Stabilised Liquid Chlorine Dioxide
Instantaneous Reaction
Powerful Oxidation
Variable Strength According to Conditions

Typical Usage:
Sewage Sludge and Sludge Cake
Liquid and Sludge Trade Wastes
Sewage Sludge Decant and Liquor
Landfill Leachate and Composting Liquors
Septic Sewage Animal Slurries

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