Air-Water Treatments Peacemaker Dry Scrubber Systems

Elegantly simple, Peacemaker systems are compact, self contained, safe and easily installed. There is one moving part, the exhaust fan designed to create negative pressure to prevent malodorous air from leaking out of an enclosed area into areas which would generate complaints. Vessels design is integral to the performance of the system. Air is pulled through dual treatment chambers and diffused in a manner to maximise distribution and contact with the treatment medias. The Peacemaker provides breakthrough chemistry and media for malodour control. Patented, demand dependent, AWT DI-OX releasing media in the first chamber is followed by patent pending, absorptive media in the second chamber. The result is safe, extremely effective, broad-spectrum malodour control. Each technology and chamber has a critical role to play.

Air-Water Treatments Peacemaker Dry Scrubber Systems

Over 700 Peacemakersâ„¢ installed in Europe over 10 years

Waste Water Applications

Pumping Stations
Vent Stacks/ Vent Valves
Work Inlet/ Storm Tanks
Distribution Chambers
Primary Tanks
Desludge Wells
Sludge Tanks
Thickening/ Dewatering Plant
S.B.R / S.B.C
Sludge Drying

• Food Processing
• Chemical Processing
• Manufacturing

Waste Disposal
• Leachate Tanks
• Storage Areas
• Gas Vents
• Composting

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