For a no-nonsense solution, select AtomisterHydro. With its high-quality components, yet uncomplicated design, this system can be installed rapidly and effectively.



Assessment And Design

Our experience has shown that every odour control application is different. That’s why our systems are designed around the findings of a thorough site assessment, which includes an analysis of any complaints history and a downwind olfactory assessment to pinpoint the sources of fugitive odour emissions.  Following design, Corgin will undertake system installation and commissioning.

Quality Components

AtomisterHydro systems are only made from the highest quality components, from the stainless steel nozzles with their built-in anti-clog filters, to the powerful high-pressure pump.

Innovative Features

To increase efficiency and flexibility, AtomisterHydro systems are packed with innovative and useful features: options include automatic dilution of odour neutraliser concentrate to prevent wastage; automatic operation from an external signal such as a wind vane, conveyor, or light switch. Other optional extras help to protect the system from elements, such as a control panel heater and pipeline purge function.


All of our AtomisterHydro systems come with a free 1-year warranty, but to give you additional peace of mind about the ongoing maintenance of your AtomisterHydro system, we recommend that you consider taking out a CarePlan subscription. This includes service visits, spare parts, regular customer care contact and much more – all to ensure that your system is kept in good working order.

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