When high-intensity targeted dust suppression is required for outdoor applications, make AtomisterHyflo your choice. Utilising the same, well-proven treatment concept as our DustLayer mobile unit, the high-pressure, high-volume nozzles are designed to deliver a voluminous flat-fan mist spray for situations where there are intensive dust emissions.



Concept To Implementation

It is a well-established fact that some forms of outdoor dust suppression, for instance, sprinkler systems, sector sprayers or rain guns, use excessive amounts of water and can cause issues with flooding, contaminated surface water run-off and undue soaking of products, process equipment or personnel.  We have identified an increasing number of applications where clients require an intense spray that efficiently overwhelms airborne dust emissions close to their source and comprehensively dampens dusty surfaces—without causing the consequent issues mentioned above. In virtue of the fact that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, Corgin have recently developed AtomisterHyflo.   We know that DustLayer has already established itself as a firm favourite where mobile units are required in such situations; AtomisterHyflo now builds on this success as a static system.

Innovation And Functionality

AtomisterHyflo systems consist of a high-pressure pump, header tank, electrical control panel and all the necessary regulation and filtration.  High-pressure hose and stainless steel nozzles are installed as required, facilitating targeted dust suppression close to the point of dust generation.   Many special requirements can be accommodated within the design of your system: options for dosing of dust suppressant, antifreeze solution for frost protection or disinfectant for reduction of Legionellae risk are available.  Various control philosophies can be incorporated, for instance, you might want to consider linking the operation of the system to operation of process equipment, to a timer or to a wind vane.  Please discuss your unique needs with your Corgin representative.


All of our AtomisterHyflo systems come with a free 1-year warranty, but to give you additional peace of mind about the ongoing maintenance of your system, we recommend that you consider taking out a CarePlan subscription. This includes service visits, spare parts, regular customer care contact and much more – all to ensure that your system is kept in good working order.

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