MistCannon & MistCannon Integral

Since 2012, Corgin have been supplying MistCannons both for purchase and hire for large-scale dust suppression applications in many sectors of industry. Clearly there is an increasing call from the market for such equipment to be operated independently of power or water supplies (or both), to enable increased versatility on site. MistCannons project a giant plume of finely-atomised water droplets into the air to suppress dust effectively before it disperses into the environment. These robust machines cope easily with the harshest of conditions, thanks to several unique features such as nozzle ring heating for frost protection, and stainless steel nozzles with ruby inserts for abrasion resistance.

MistCannon & MistCannon Integral




Developed from snow-making technology in Europe and with characteristically superior build quality and robustness, MistCannons (otherwise known as fog cannons) are used globally – from Europe and North America, to Australasia, Asia and Africa.

Powerful And Robust

MistCannons project a giant plume of finely-atomised water droplets into the air to suppress dust effectively before it disperses into the environment. These robust machines cope easily with the harshest of conditions!

Massive Throw

The MistCannon Rover can propel mist up to 30m and can swivel by 270°, giving a maximum ground coverage of up to 2,800m² with a single sweep.  A larger size cannon is also available for purchase only, which has a throw of up to 40m, covering up to 5000m.


The Rover consists of a trailer mounted dust suppression bowser unit, with a new slim design, ultra-efficient MistCannon mounted on the front.  The trailer is to a highway specification making the unit very easy to deploy and portable while on site.  The bowser allows the unit to be used independently of a fixed water supply; options of either 1100 litre or 2000 litre are offered, giving continuous spraying time of 50 or 90 minutes respectively (dropping to 40 or 75 minutes for the larger cannon.)

Power Supply

You will need to bring a 3 phase, 400V power supply to the MistCannon Rover.  Corgin can quote for the hire of an adequately sized generator if required.

Remote Control

With Health & Safety Regulations tightening up, we can now offer a remote-control option, meaning that the MistCannon can be controlled from a safe distance – such as from inside a vehicle cab, office or control room.

Wide Range Of Uses

Since Corgin introduced MistCannons to the UK market in 2012, their popularity has mushroomed as more and more clients prove their worth. As well as selling them for use all over the UK, we have exported MistCannons to places as diverse as Ireland, Denmark and even Mozambique! MistCannons can handle all manner of dust types, from coarse wood chip to ultra-fine incinerator ash.

Hire Fleet

Corgin have a large hire fleet for both long and short term hire, invaluable for temporary dust suppression or emergency needs.

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