The OdourInitial comprises a trailer-mounted bowser, pump and diesel engine to which an AtomisterHydro nozzle line can be attached. Based on 2m nozzle spacing, this can be used to create an odour suppressing 'barrier' of up to 300m long. The unit's mobility means that its position can be altered according to changing site requirements. It is completely self-contained and therefore is ideal for use in locations which have no ready power and water supply. The large bowser ensures reliable operation for many hours at a time. It is commonly used in applications where outdoor odour suppression is required over an extended area, for example for perimeter treatment around landfill or remediation sites.




Easy To Transport

With a highway specification trailer chassis, the OdourInitial can be towed anywhere that your vehicle can take it, and beyond! The OdourInitial can also be towed off-road so that it can be positioned where it will have the most impact.

Ready And Waiting

OdourInitial units are readily available from our hire fleet for rapid deployment to your site in the event of odour issues. Alternatively, they can be purchased new for longer-term requirements.


The Odour Initial can also be supplied with a pressure washer lance for washdown of equipment with odour netraliser, and FoamLance for application of FoamLance for application of odour and dust-suppressing foam cover. It can also be simply reconfigured as an OdourScreen or a DustLayer.

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