Peel Tech system provides new food waste for energy!

Food processing companies and in particular Fish and Chip shops can expect visits from their water local authorities soon looking to enforce the UK food Waste Regulations Section 48 Waste Sewage Act and Section 111 Environment Act legislation which prohibits waste being put into the drains with the potential for a £10,000 fine or unlimited if taken to court.

The amount of waste currently entering the sewerage system from Fish and Chip shops alone can possibly exceed well over 229,320,000 kilos annually in the UK alone.  And this is waste that blocks up drains with the heavy starch content resulting in costly professional intervention. With the biggest majority of the country’s Fish & Chip shops still flushing waste into the drains, the problem is huge.  Traditional interceptor tanks just don’t do the job as they still allow starch and micro peel to pass through.

inventor, Malcolm Wood, has the answer with the multi  environmental  award winning Peel Tech system.  Using a specially designed and patented twin filtration and jet wash system, the Peel Tech catches all the potato and starch waste letting only clean water back into the sewerage system.  The collected waste can either be safely disposed of with the other food waste or, innovative and environmentally conscious businesses can arrange for the waste to be used for animal feed and anaerobic digestate for energy production. Businesses should realise that this is such an excellent source of high calorific food waste that can easily be put into green energy.

Fish and Chip shops and cafes who have installed a Peel Tech system are consistently raving about the performance and benefits.   The fact that the prep areas are now odour free making much more pleasant working conditions for staff and that they no longer have repeated and costly drain clearing call outs alone make their investment worthwhile.  It’s quick and easy to clean and the savings that can be made on drain cleaning ensures that The Peel Tech pays for itself in less than 2 years.  It’s available in two sizes so even the smallest prep area can retrofit a unit quite easily.

Indeed it has been so successful that The National Federation of Fish Friers have a Peel Tech installed in their Training Academy to educate both newcomers and experienced fish friers in all aspects of legislation compliance and how to achieve that.

Peel Tech  is now working with Water Authorities in England and Scotland to help them help their customers be compliant with the law.  Recent trials with Fish Processing companies have shown that it is by far the most effective solution to removing suspended  solids, as well as oil and fats during the preparation cycle and again, keeping drains clean and odour free and, most importantly legally compliant.


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