Case Study: smartengine Intelligent LED Lighting in Offices

Coodart improve experiences by blending technology into workspaces, shops or homes. Their customers include a broad range of corporate and retail companies and they've delivered interactive touch-screens, digital displays and mobile device management into high street stores. coodart also specialise in integrating complex technology solutions for workspaces including video conferencing and collaboration. Overall they deliver all the components needed for the intelligent modern workspace.

Case Study: smartengine Intelligent LED Lighting in Offices

smartengine Intelligent LED Lighting CLIENT REQUIREMENT Coodart are based in Leamington Spa and wished to create a showroom to demonstrate new technologies that would feature in the intelligent modern workspace. Working with strategic technology partners, Coodart appointed Scenariio to design and implement a smartengine Intelligent LED lighting solution. The showroom features a sophisticated Boardroom, a client Training Centre and several informal breakout areas that are all lit by intelligent LED technology.

> Up to 75% energy savings
> Space utilisation recording
> Daylight savings control
> Sensor based solution
> Intelligent centralised control

Installing a smartengine Intelligent LED Lighting solution was the perfect choice to compliment the design of the modern workspace. Delivering an easy to install, cost effective and low energy lighting solution that is highly configurable has proven to be a key component of coodart's showroom and the centre of understanding occupancy, and space utilisation. Furthermore, the ability to integrate the sensor network with other workspace IT solutions such as room booking systems, AV and messaging technology gives Coodart a real technology advantage.

"When we designed our showroom we were looking to create a space that enhanced the working environment. So everything from furniture to the technology had to be right and work well together. We believe that the modern workspace will operate solutions that are collaborative and will provide users with easy to use applications that focus on saving money, increasing productivity and saving energy. The Scenariio installation of the smartengine Intelligent Lighting system demonstrates this simply and effectively. We have central control of our whole workspace lighting system at a touch of a button and what's more we can see real time energy savings and occupancy".

Scenariio Ltd are installers for the smartengine Intelligent Lighting solution and would be delighted to demonstrate how this technology could benefit your business. Please call us on 01332 258356 or email for further information.

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