Further tuning of light policies on smartengine save customers a further 93%

Following the installation of smartengine at Project 20 in Chorley, our technical specialist George Pritchard recently visited again to fine tune the policies and light levels to save the customers a further 93% in some zones.

George explains,

"I had a great morning up at Sharples Davies showcasing the smartengine system. Whilst there I was able to finish the daylight commissioning as the blinds are now fitted.

What you can see on my laptop screen is a saving from peak at over 70W to running under 28W in the small meeting room. Whilst extraordinarily, the screenshot shows the savings in the main office which has 8x 600sq panels.

During commissioning with all lights at 100%, this space was using over 245W. The policies set and managed by the staff here already dimmed the light to a workable level (with everyone having an individual preference too), an amazing 60W.

After enabling daylight harvesting, even on a cloudy day in Chorley, this dropped a further 45W to around 17W. This is a total saving of 93%, and as I left this curve continued to drive downwards.

Proof that just swapping to LED, even with a PIR sensor in the space, is still not the most efficient your office can become. With its individual sensors, offering the user automatic granular control, smartengine savings versus LEDs reach over 90%"

If you wish to visit the facility to see these benefits first hand, please get in touch today and we can arrange a visit. Scenariio have show facilities for smartengine in Chorley and Leamington Spa with a new Innovation Centre in Derby for a more 'hands on' demonstration. 

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