Smart Buildings

As more and more in building services are now being delivered and deployed over structured cabling solutions we have designed a range of complimentary services that can be used to deliver a Smart Building solution. The main components that make up a solution are:-

Smart Buildings


Traditional CCTV services are now able to be delivered over your structured cabling, they use IP based cameras and can be powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet) injectors or switch ports. Views from the cameras can be delivered to DVR systems or via web browsers or Smart Phone apps so the images can be viewed anywhere at any time.


Building Management systems have been evolving at speed some time now and traditional services such as door entry systems, plant room control, heating and air conditions systems can be now connected together using your structured wiring solutions. Using a common copper or fibre network solution the monitoring and control of each of these systems can be managed centrally as required using you existing data network.

Access Control

Whether the door access system is controlled by swipe card, biometric or retinal readers, your structured wiring solution can be connected to deliver these services to a central portal where the management can be undertaken in one place as required.

Audio Visual 

In the modern age of Multimedia the need to transmit and receive data is no longer limited to computer and telephony services, Audio and Video systems can now be set up and controlled over a structured wiring solution so that there is no longer a need to install separate copper cabling solutions for AV equipment. Individual component control can be achieve using AV converters running over Cat6 data cabling again proving a simple and cost effective way to managing a smart building.

Cashless Vending

As more and more businesses and educational facilities move away from owning and managing traditional cash registers in their public areas the deployment of Cashless vending solutions is becoming more widespread.  Using the installed building structured cabling solutions, electronic tills and registers can be used to manage the transfer of funds to and from pre charged tokens or charge cards used in the new cashless vending systems. Central control can be easily maintained onsite and the need for cash tills or overnights safes removed.

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