Endeco Technologies will change its name to Gridbeyond: A reflection of an evolving energy landscape

Endeco Technologies, the leader in demand side response products, energy optimisation technologies, and enhanced energy services, today announced that they will be rebranding to Gridbeyond™.

Why? Because the energy landscape is evolving. As is their business. Michael Phelan, CEO and co-founder of Endeco explained further: “The next industrial revolution is on the horizon and as energy converges with technology, the energy landscape becomes more complex, and the need for agile evolution is prevalent. The energy sector has never been a more interesting or exciting place. The marketplace is maturing, National Grid and EirGrid are restructuring their systems and products, balancing services are becoming more dynamic in nature and new technologies are continually being introduced to improve both power and business resilience whilst helping to achieve our green goals.“

He continued “It’s not just the growth and transition of UK and Irish markets that have driven the name evolution. The business has fundamentally transformed over the last few years, growing from start-up to scale-up. Since April 2016, the team has more than doubled in size, the business has received significant investment and has forged key partnerships to ensure an incomparable hub of expertise that keeps up with and anticipates the market, whilst providing the best service and peace of mind to clients.”

And what’s in a name? Vivien Boidron, Head of Marketing at Endeco Technologies, explains the rationale behind the name Gridbeyond™.

“Essentially, we wanted to ensure that our name encompassed the underpinning elements of our ethos, which is that we go further – above and beyond. There’s also the technology element to it – you often hear the ‘grid edge’ referred to in terms of state-of-the-art tech and advances. But what if an energy company did more than that? What if they anticipated the market and evolved in a progressive manner, rather than within known parameters? Whilst we always implement tried and tested energy strategies in our client sites, behind the scenes we are constantly testing and working with grid operators and willing beta sites to try new and innovative ways to service our clients’ energy, optimise via machine learning, improve sustainability and generate the best return on their energy flexibility.”

This rebrand comes just months after the release of the clean growth strategy and weeks after National Grid’s product and services roadmap. Both documents having hit home with the Endeco boss, as he promotes an inclusive energy landscape, where businesses and individuals are not simply passive bill payers, but play a significant part in the bigger picture.

Michael Phelan commented further: “More than ever, business energy efficiency is under scrutiny. For the early adopters, demand-side response, embedded generation, smart tariffs and energy storage are already working well, but the pressure is on for those not yet participating to catch up.” He continued, reiterating the need for “a smarter, more flexible system through the use of technologies such as interconnection, storage and demand-side response.”

Endeco, soon to be Gridbeyond™, are already leading the campaign to reach the UK’s goal of fully digitised demand-side response services. Meaningful advances are being made in the dynamic frequency market, with Endeco providing the very first hybrid battery and load solution to National Grid, and the developments in machine-learning technologies and algorithms are imperative for finding flexibility for the predicted 4.9GW required for demand-side response, and the 0.3GW of storage by 2032. The business maintains the position that a combination of technology, education and strong partnerships between aggregators, technology innovators, grid operators, suppliers and consumers will be key to developing a fully optimised smart grid.


For more information on Endeco’s evolution to Gridbeyond™ and the full rebrand story, visit http://www.endeco-technologies.com/gridbeyond

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