Demand side response

GridBeyond provides access to premium demand side response programmes and energy services via high-end technology and the unique hybrid battery and demand network.

Demand side response

National Grid needs to balance intermittent renewable generation with energy demand. We simplify the energy market, helping you to give back to the grid & earn significant rewards.

Smart-Grid Innovation with a Holistic Approach

GridBeyond’s award-winning technology platform connects and controls the energy use on industrial and commercial sites. This is necessary for participation in premium demand side response programmes to ensures the safe and resilient operation of our electricity grid at peak times.

GridBeyond’s technology delivers on the grid’s vision for a more sustainable, flexible power infrastructure, providing the overall flexibility to integrate more renewable generation onto the grid and facilitate increased demand.

Finding flexibility for financial rewards

Grid Operators, such as National Grid and EirGrid, run a number of programmes to financially incentivise businesses to adjust their energy use in order to balance generation and demand on the electricity network.

GridBeyond finds the flexibility in a site’s electricity consumption by auditing each asset to understand the parameters of energy required to function, without affecting operations or processes.

Our services

GridBeyond’s unified platform enables participation in a wide range of programmes for enhanced energy insights, savings, revenues and sustainability...

  • Balancing Services
  • Peak Optimisation
  • Capacity Market
  • Energy Trading
  • Energy Optimisation & OEE

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