The University of Liverpool uses eSight to manage and report energy data

The University of Liverpool required energy management software that could address the many utility reporting demands and assist in compiling data for reporting EU ETS/CRC and CHPQA audit data systems.

The University of Liverpool uses eSight to manage and report energy data

The solution needed to be web-based for ease of access from any location. It also needed to have the ability to collect data from Niagara AX devices connected to the University’s Intranet, with simple and automated integration.

The University also required the ability to display up-to-date energy usage information in order to track savings and increase staff awareness of the energy consumed.

The University of Liverpool chose eSight because it offered a flexible, modular solution which allowed them to build the exact software package they required.

eSight’s Energy Analysis module provided the tools needed to effectively convert data into analysis graphs which enabled users to monitor and target energy use, and importantly, recognise anomalies and areas of waste.

As per the requirements, the eSight Reporting module allowed users to run a wide range of M&T, financial and emissions reports against sites and meters and then distribute them by email on a scheduled basis.

eSight’s Data Exchange module allowed the seamless integration of data from Tridium Niagara AX devices via an oBIX interface- the University used this capability to import half-hourly kWhr consumption data from their BEMS. The system also allowed the University to configure facilities dashboards to display analysis graphs, alarms, meter gauges and embedded images/web pages. The dashboards regularly update and enable staff to monitor and react to anomalies and deviation from targets. Data from eSight is also used to produce an energy dashboard for the University staff website.

The University of Liverpool has a Level 3 branded system- all user screens, reports etc. are branded with the university logo.

"We have benefitted greatly from eSight by having an easily navigable utility reporting database that allows quick and easy access to our data and the ability to produce quality management reports on our utility consumption."

Peter Birch, Engineering Services Manager

eSight Energy Partners, OneSight Solutions, were able to assist the University in installing a system that could provide interfacing for all systems deployed in new and renovated buildings across the campus.

This was accomplished by listening to the requests of the University to implement a system that would allow an infrastructure to be deployed that encompassed all areas of control and monitoring across an entire campus. The combination of the Niagara AX building management platform and its integration with eSight Energy management software provided the University of Liverpool with a scalable, flexible and holistic energy management system.

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