Jouletherm CeP (Carbon electric paint system)

A new revolutionary way to heat homes and businesses

Jouletherm CeP (Carbon electric paint system)

Jouletherm CeP - A revolutionary electric paint system

The JouleTherm CeP range allows the custom building of SELV (separated extra-low voltage) electric radiant heaters onto existing drywall/plasterboard walls or ceilings using specially designed components and techniques. The CeP range allows the possibility of building radiant heaters with various outputs. It’s components and installation techniques have been designed for use by qualified and trained personnel. 

Turn any plastered / plasterboard wall or ceiling into a radiant heater

By using our special techniques, the JouleTherm CeP can turn any wall or ceiling into a very energy efficient radiant heater. Using low energy consumption the CeP is the world’s first ever electric paint on system. Using safety extra low voltages (24V) the CeP is suitable for every type of room. 

The JouleTherm CeP system when installed can be completely painted over using any water based decorative paint making it invisible to the naked eye. No requirement for any boilers, radiators, pipes, water, tanks, gas or oil. The wall or ceiling becomes the radiator which will free up valuable space in your property.

Energy efficient & healthier

Unlike traditional heating, Radiant heating does not dry the air. It also prevents heat loss through ventilation, as unlike in the case of traditional heating - there is no hot air that travels around and escapes through opened doors or windows.

Radiant heating products are clean, health beneficial and a very energy efficient way of heating. There is no other more instant, economical, healthier and environmentally friendly way of heating.

Only 350 watts/M2 consumed per heating zone, Powered by 24V toroidal transformers, each JouleTherm CeP transformer is specially optimised and wound to reduce heat losses in the windings. Additional safety features are added to the transformer ensuring complete peace of mind for the end user. 


Training courses and dates will be announced very soon for the application of this new heating system. Only accredited installers will be able to fit the Jouletherm CeP system, and will be placed onto an official approved installer register for future works.

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