Jouletherm Ceramic heaters

An efficient electric heating system


Jouletherm electric heaters

The Jouletherm range of electric radiators are manufactured using the latest in thermal technologies combined with electronic thermostats for accurate control of your heating. High thermal density kaolin/ceramic heating tablets with embedded stainless steel element spirals are used as the heating source in each radiator.

The radiators are made from die-cast aluminium which conducts and transfers the heat from the kaolin/ceramic heating tablets onto every surface of the radiator. The design of the radiator quickly transfers this heat into the room.

A built in LCD electronic thermostat then regulates the amount of energy that is required to maintain the temperature set by the customer. The result is a warm cosy radiant heat with full control to the level you desire. Each model is fitted with a built in LCD Thermostat and wireless RF receiver which makes the system very easy to set up a complete central heating system.

Technical specifications

• Kaolin/ceramic heating elements

• Smart built-in room sensor

• Wall mounting bracket included

• can be controlled by JS10/2 wireless touchsreen controller

• 10 year body warranty (2 year electronics warranty)

• 100% efficient


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