Voltage optimisation - reducing your electricity consumption

Voltage optimisation is an energy saving solution that provides energy savings of up to 14% on average

Voltage optimisation - reducing your electricity consumption

Voltage optimisation for the homes and businesses


Electrical appliances for the UK and Europe are rated at 230v, however the average supplied voltage in the UK sits at 242v. This is additional power that we simply do not need. A 230v linear appliance used on a 240v supply will consume almost 9% more energy and only achieve half it’s expected life. 


A quote taken from the electrician's guide, 17th edition of the IEE, explains the reason voltages remain high:

''Since the original supply voltages in the UK lie within the acceptable spread of values, Supply Companies in the UK have not reduced their voltages from 240/415 V. This is hardly surprising, because such action would immediately reduce the energy used by consumers (and the income of the Companies) by more than 8%.''

With the recent announcement from E.ON on fuel costs rising by 14%, renewable energy will be the popular choice for many. Whilst this is a positive move, the downside to this is that the extra generation onto the grid will only push voltage levels up higher.

What is the solution?

By installing a matt:e ‘Fit & Forget’ Voltage optimiser into affected homes and business premises, the voltage level can be tapped down at source to a more appropriate level ensuring that electrical appliances can operate within their designed parameters, whilst providing cost savings of up to 14% on average.


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