TRIX ROTSTRAHL - the water hose for professionals

Its material design and construction make the TRIX® ROTSTRAHL the optimal solution for use in construction and civil engineering, and wherever water is required outdoors for watering or cleaning purposes.

TRIX ROTSTRAHL - the water hose for professionals

Hoses can be found on all construction sites and are part of cement mixer equipment. They are also used to water gardens, parks and sports grounds in places without a permanently installed watering system. Much is demanded of hoses in use on construction sites and outdoors: They are subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, ozone influence, and UV radiation. The hoses also have to withstand mechanical strain. A hose can easily be driven over by a construction vehicle or be buckled in the course of a day's work. This presents no problem for the TRIX® ROTSTRAHL. Thanks to ContiTech’s material technology and design competence, based on more than 100 years of experience in the production of high-quality hoses, our brand hoses have shown they can be used successfully over the long-term and even under the harshest conditions. Outstanding features of the TRIX® ROTSTRAHL in daily operation are its compressive strength, great reliability and long lifespan.

Its material design and construction makes this professional water hose highly flexible and extremely robust. The pressure-bearing textile ply makes the hose resistant to buckling and capable of being driven over. Its dirt-repellent jacket made of synthetic rubber gives the hose excellent ozone and weather resistance as well as exceptional aging properties. Heat and cold do not faze it either; the hose can be easily used at temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. The impervious, smooth inner lining guarantees a low flow resistance. Users also appreciate the brand hose's easy and smooth handling as well as its durability. This high standard of quality is based on performing in-process inspections throughout our hose manufacturing operations, and by employing material expertise and technical processes which are both highly efficient and ecologically sound.

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