Prime central London building saves 43k and 482tCO2e

Prime central London building saves £43k and 482tCO2e through a 12 month Sustainability Improvement Programme with EVORA.

Prime central London building saves  43k and 482tCO2e

The Challenge

CLIENT: Metrus

SERVICE: Monitoring & Targeting

Situated opposite Trafalgar Square, One Strand is a 200,000 sq ft prime office and retail building. Split into three main cores across nine floors, the building houses a number of tenants with a variety of needs, and who are provided with the highest level of property management services.

EVORA was tasked with identifying and executing on energy saving opportunities, whilst engaging and maintaining an optimum environment for tenants.

Our Approach

EVORA recommended the implementation of a Sustainability Improvement Programme. This included:

  • Detailed analysis of half-hourly (interval) data across two main incoming electricity meters using EVORA’s proprietary Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) online data management platform;
  • The formulation of an energy optimisation plan including the identification and management of energy efficiency measures;
  • Monthly reports and follow-up engagement calls with the site team to discuss findings, recommendations and tackle challenges;
  • Direct engagement with tenants through a presentation delivered by EVORA consultant covering One Strand’s sustainability achievements and how building occupiers can contribute.

Key Outcomes

Over the 12 month Sustainability Improvement Programme, a number of efficiency measures were successfully implemented. For example, seasonal setpoint adjustments on main plant equipment and the minimisation of their operation, including weekends, bank holidays and non-core hours.

Overall the programme has delivered:

• A financial saving of £43k

• A reduction in carbon emissions of 482 tonnes

• A 7% reduction in electricity consumption

EVORA is continuing to manage the Sustainability Improvement Programme at One Strand and it is expected that additional savings will be achieved.

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