Tevva Motors wins LowCVP 2017 Award for Innovation in partnership with Aquafuel

Tevva Motors has won this prestigious award for the second consecutive year, this time in recognition of the work undertaken with development partner and co-award winner Aquafuel to develop a glycerine-fuelled, range-extender that will, for the first time, make the unlimited range zero emission truck a reality.

The Holy Grail of Transport: Glycerine and Electric Trucks in combination

Running in fully electric mode, Tevva’s trucks are of course entirely Zero Emission, producing no harmful particulate or GHG emissions, however the attraction of Tevva’s trucks also lies in the Range- Extender (on-board generator) which enables the trucks to have unlimited range and to charge the battery en route, thereby entirely eliminating ‘range anxiety. To date, the fixed speed Range-Extender has run for tiny amounts of the day on tiny amounts of regular fuel.

Aquafuel has developed a ground based generator capable of running on Glycerine, a fuel that is rated as 97% carbon neutral and which produces only trace NOx and Particulate emissions at levels that are at the lower limit of what can be measured by even the most sensitive equipment These Glycerine generators are already in use in the Formula E racing series where they are used to charge the race-car batteries.

Tevva’s patented range-extender (generator) technology uses a tiny internal combustion engine that also runs at fixed, constant RPM speeds and it is this characteristic that makes it suitable to fuel with Glycerine. Combining these two ground-breaking technologies from Tevva and Aquafuel we can pave the way to a world in which every truck in every application and duty cycle can produce, zero or negligible pollution both in respect of GHGs and air quality (NOx, SOx and PM). In simple terms; the Holy Grail of road transport.

British Clean-Technology and Manufacturing
Both Aquafuel and Tevva are British, high tech manufacturing companies targeting strong export driven growth. Tevva’s headcount has doubled in 2017 and is expected to double again in 2018

About Glycerin Fuel
Glycerine is a bi-product of the production of bio-diesel and can also be produced directly from salt water algae (Dunaliella Salina) – which means the supply can be effectively unlimited. In addition, Glycerine is 100% non-toxic and non-flammable – it is an ingredient of a great many sweet foodstuffs. Consequently it is easy and cheap to store in ANY location.

Quote From Tevva CEO, Asher Bennett:
“As soon as I learned about Formula E and their Glycerine generators I immediately saw the potential for our range-extender technology. From there it was a small step to getting introduced to Paul Day at Aquafuel and the rest, as they say, is history. At Tevva we have a super talented team and we’re all about innovation and especially turning great ideas into fully developed commercially ready products. This could well be the biggest of them all – the final piece of the puzzle.

Tevva’s Low Carbon, Innovative, Truck Technology & Software
Tevva Motors designs, integrates and manufactures range-extended electric powertrains and complete trucks (7.5 -14 tonnes). Tevva ‘s solutions out-compete diesel on a cost of ownership basis and make the benefits of electrification available for the large number of commercial routes that are beyond the capability of pure EV’s.

Our on-board, cloud-based, patented software PREMS (Predictive Range Extender Monitoring Software) enables autonomous management of vehicle emissions, monitoring real-time conditions and controlling the use of the range extender to automatically ensure zero emissions in urban areas.

Tevva Motors’ environmentally friendly, low emission solution for back-to-base fleets can be supplied as a custom truck, or retrofitted to a wide range of existing trucks to re-life older vehicles without the need to replace entire fleets.

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