Biowood Recycling

We are a national specialist in wood waste recycling and biomass fuel solutions

This product listing page has now expired, for more information please contact Biowood Recycling Ltd

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 AAC IL CF 125 – Inline FilterThe AAC IL CF 125 inline filter is a refillable filter solution for inline duct-work applications where the streamlined installation of Carbon Filters is required.
E.ON launches Clean Energy – a renewable electricity and gas tariffE.ON has launched E.ON Clean Energy a fixed one year tariff purchased from 100% renewable electricity and green gas.
Major milestone reached as first power is generated at Rampion This week marks the first generation of power at Rampion as the first turbine was brought online.
Activated Carbon for Odour Control and VOC Abatement in Sewage and Wastewater TreatmentAAC Eurovent hold extensive stocks of low cost granular (GAC), extruded, pelletised, specialist impregnated, and acid washed Activated Carbon, designed to deliver a high-performance Odour Control and VOC abatement in sewage and wastewater treatment.
AAC PV300 Passive Ventilation for Hydrogen Sulphide Removal and Odour Control in Sludge and Sewage Holding TanksThe AAC PV300 passive vent is a refillable carbon filter designed to deliver high quality odour control and the efficient removal of Hydrogen Sulphide in sludge and sewage holding tanks.
AAC ESP4420 Electrostatic Air Filters for Effective Smoke and Grease Control in Commercial KitchensThe AAC ESP4420 Electrostatic Air Filter uses market leading ESP technology to deliver a competitively priced smoke and grease reduction solution for commercial kitchens with ducted systems.
AAC CF Carbon Canisters for High Performance Odour Control in Sewage TreatmentThe AAC CF range of Carbon Canisters is designed for economy and performance.
Eliquo Hydrok Screening, Tank and Sewer CleansingEliquo Hydrok have invested in the development of well proven wedge wire screening technology and have supported the UK water companies in the design and installations of reliable, cost effective and low maintenance screening solutions. In addition during times of rainfall the sewers within the

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