Wood Recycling

Biowood Recycling has access to a number of innovative markets for recycled wood waste.

Wood Recycling

From Shavings to pallet wood, MDF to Chipboard, Municipal to construction Biowood Recycling can deal with all forms of wood fibres.

With volumes of over 200,000 tonnes per annum handled we deal with all types of waste wood from roll on-offs to more significant tonnages produced by waste management companies and wood recycling processors.

If you currently do not recycle your wood, or you are looking for an alternative solution contact us and one of our highly qualified consultants will be only too happy to explore an avenue which would benefit you and your company saving time, money and effort whilst offering a long term sustainable solution for you companies wood waste.

Would you like to find out how Biowood Recycling can help with your Wood Recycling, then contact us by sending us a message, or calling 01158 247770.

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