Proven Anaerobic Digestion Plant Mixing from Eisele

Agrico offers a full range of Heavy duty mixing equipment for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) for all types of digester tank including membrane roof with access hatch, including transfer pumps for all types of plant. (Please see brochure)

Proven Anaerobic Digestion Plant Mixing from Eisele

Reception- / mixing pit:
  • submersible mixer GTWS with chop blades for agitation and crushing of the substrate
  • vertical pump VM / VMU, submersible pump AT, lobe pump DK, they feed the digester
Digester / Secondary digester:
  • Submersible mixer GTWSB 1040 / 7,5 kW
  • Submersible mixer GTWSB 1540 / 11,0 kW
  • Submersible mixer GTWSB 204 / 15,0 kW
  • ATEX-submersible mixers Ex II 2 G EEx e II T3
    -GTWSI-Ex 1540 / 11,0 kW
    -GTWSI-Ex 204 / 15,0 kW
  • gasproof maintenance cover with lift attachment, construction in stainless steel
  • gasproof lateral control of the tank with cover sheet, construction in stainless steel
  • over-pressure / low-pressure protection, construction in stainless steel
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The EISELE- company cooperates with highly qualified engineering offices. Gain advantage of our advisory service, dimensioning of the installation and calculation of the energy output ® competent with us.

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