Vertical Pumps

Eisele Slurry Pumps Slurry Pumps - Vertical Pump - Long shaft 1.5m -7.0m Available in Electric Motor or Gearbox PTO versions Including agitation nozzle to enable mixing Material: Stainless Steel, Cast iron for hard wearing

Vertical Pumps

  • Forced supply by screw impeller
  • Inlet segments and screw impeller with welded carbide tips
  • Works similar to a shredder
  • Absolutely safe dry running
  • Oil lubricated, highly wear resistant mechanical seal
  • With/without mixing nozzles
  • 235ยบ rotatable mixing
  • VM: with heavy duty electrical motor
    11,0 / 15,0 / 18,5 / 22,0 kW with a capacity up to 6000 l/min.

  • VG: with EISELE-gearbox for tractor drive and capacity up to 12,000 l/min !!!!! thats 200 litres a second.

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