Wangen X-Cut Macerator

System for Debris Removal and Cutting Increased Gas Production Allowing Flowable Material

Wangen X-Cut Macerator

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The WANGEN X-UNIT is employed in every case where foreign bodies and debris from pumped media must be separated out and cut:

• Biogas plants

• Biowaste utilisation

• Stable application in agricultural technology

• Liquid manure technology vehicle construction

• Municipal waste water treatment plants

Modular structure

The WANGEN X-UNIT consists of the two modules X-TRACT and X-CUT. Both components are available separately and are optimally co-ordinated with each other as an X-UNIT.

Increased process safety through removal of system-harmful foreign bodies and debris with the aid of the foreign body separator

X-TRACT and the cutting unit X-CUT. Optimum adaptation of the cutting unit to the medium easily possible.

Available in variable options

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