For those organisations producing larger volumes of waste, a considerable reduction in the number of collections can be achieved using Dicom waste compactors. Waste can be reduced by a significant ratio of its original volume, depending on the material being compacted.

Maximum payloads are achieved with each container transported, dramatically reducing unnecessary journeys and easing traffic congestion and pollution. Typically, a Dicom CE waste compactor will reduce the waste volume to a ratio of 4:1, therefore if your weekly waste transport costs are £125.00 per week, this would save you £375.00 per month on transport costs. In addition, compacting waste minimises the space needed to store refuse on site, leading to:
Improved hygiene. Increased security and reduced fire risk. Improved Health and Safety.

Dicom's waste compactors can be supplied, with several standard options, such as:
Bin lifting equipment for lug or comb type waste containers Choice of standard hopper - Open splayed, enclosed, special build.

The Dicom CE range of waste compactors have been designed and developed over the last 30 years, for durability, high performance and ease of operation, with many machines still in operation today.

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