Palintest Sensor Technology

Sensor technology offers significant advantages compared to alternative techniques for disinfection control and heavy metals determination.

Palintest Sensor Technology

Key benefits of sensor technology:

  • Simple, quick and easy to use – designed for users with limited knowledge of water quality and testing, the test can be completed in minutes and requires only a few simple steps. 
  • Repeatable and accurate results – reducing potential error sources' with the simple measurement procedure, the instrument delivers trusted results for even the lowest concentrations.
  • Suitable for even the most difficult samples – the sensor technique is not affected by solids or sample colour, delivering a reliable result for each test. 

Palintest Sensor Technology is provided for both field and laboratory analysis. Each instrument is supported with a full range of consumables and technical support via our international network of branches and distributors. self-diagnostic functionality and automatic selection and performance of test methods.


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