It's Time for Today's EHS and Sustainability Professionals to Embrace Big Data

As sustainability becomes a more deep-rooted and active part of day-to-day business decision making, companies are increasingly moving towards a single, integrated platform to manage EHS, sustainability, and supply chain data.

It's Time for Today's EHS and Sustainability Professionals to Embrace Big Data

Companies worldwide are working to improve their sustainability and environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance and accurate data management has become a crucial and rapidly growing business
requirement. Investment in data management systems is one the fastest growing areas of many companies’ EHS and sustainability spending.

At the same time, companies are looking for increased visibility on their suppliers’ performance and are investing in additional monitoring. The apparel industry is leading the way, followed increasingly by the food industry. Moreover, companies are beginning to tackle energy management in a more granular way, favoring automation and smart meters coupled with scenario planning.

Businesses gather a greater breadth and depth of data in a coherent, automated, and centralized way. Drilling down to understand and address specific challenges, information management must evolve
to reflect the changing attitudes and needs of EHS and sustainability professionals.

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