PURE Environment

For progressive organizations, environmental management is increasingly about forecasting and planning for the future. Advanced data management solutions are integral to capturing energy data across multiple facilities and running future scenarios. By building a clear picture of your carbon footprint, you can take steps to cut emissions and save costs.

PURE  Environment

PURE Environment helps you gather environmental data and insights across your operations on a regular basis. To develop the most comprehensive view possible of your carbon footprint, we recommend that you also use the system to track aspects such as fleet fuel consumption and stationary combustion sources like fuel oil. Once all the data is in place, you can calculate carbon emissions automatically using our built-in emission factor libraries.

Using UL’s proven forecasting and planning tools, you can identify, prioritize and track your energy reduction initiatives and visualize the impact of different scenarios on your long-term performance. You can promote accountability for energy across all your sites, freeing up valuable resources to focus on strategic energy management.

The PURE Environment solution is already being used by leading companies to oversee and report their carbon in line with GHG Protocol, CRC, EES, CDP, GRI, ISO14064, NGERS and Climate Registry.

We are proud to be CDP-accredited to a Gold standard. CDP analysts conducted rigorous, independent testing of our system to award the accreditation, giving our clients complete confidence in our ability to support their energy and carbon performance management.


  • Flexible tools that help you determine your major impact areas and track your impacts across energy and travel.
  • Flexible estimations methodologies for when you can’t obtain all your data.
  • Real-time meter reading and management where data is available.
  • Import files or feeds from existing enterprise reporting platforms.
  • Built-in emission factor library to help you calculate your carbon footprint automatically.
  • Planning and reporting on reduction initiatives.

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