PURE Health

Good employee health and wellness is a business imperative, with significant benefits for employees as well as the company bottom line. Healthier workers are safer workers, and vice versa. However, occupational health professionals often need to spend more time on administration than on patients. That's where we come in.

PURE  Health

PURE Health is UL’s solution to managing organizational health and wellness in your organization.  It’s built with the user in mind and is highly customizable so you can focus on the things that matter. Improving workforce health and lifestyle behaviors lowers medical and disability claims and reduces unplanned sickness, absence, and lost productivity. UL’s comprehensive wellness and health technology solutions enable you take control of available data and leverage it to enhance your healthcare service offerings.  Our frameworks are standardized for compliance with organizational data including EMR, mobile and medical devices, industry benchmarks, and claims. With the tools and resources of UL’s health and wellness platform, you can meet today’s occupational challenges and tackle tomorrow’s as well.


  • Medical Surveillance - include scheduling and monitoring, automated email notification, built-in graphs, and seamless interface with leading instruments and labs
  • Integrated Workflow – Easily manage day-to-day medical surveillances, clinical encounters, and regulatory requirements, and automate required reporting. Built-in guidelines for case management help establish return-towork timelines
  • Adaptability – Accessible anywhere with an internet connection and designed to work on any
  • Information Security – For SaaS clients, data is held securely and offsite, within the highest

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